The Nutrium Software

Improve quality, efficiency and save resources

* Based on the aggregated average NICU cost per patient per day for Europe, USA and Australia and currency rates of 2024-06-23.

Improvements in preterm care

The care of preterm infants has improved rapidly during the last 20-30 years. As a result of improved intensive care, the survival rates of extremely preterm infants has increased considerably, even at very low gestational ages and birth weights well below 1000 g. However, these infants are still at high risk of short-term and long-term morbidities, including retinopathy of prematurity, bronchopulmonary dysplasia and later cognitive and behavioural problems. The remaining challenge in preterm care is now how to improve the health outcomes for these ”new survivors”.

The Nutrium Software

Nutrium is an interactive software that facilitates daily nutritional care of preterm infants. Nutrium provides instant visual feedback, a complete overview of nutrition and growth, and so much more!

It has been scientifically proven to improve nutrition and growth, having all the tools and features for achieving your nutritional targets. Having a good overview of nutrition and growth is key for achieving  optimal health outcomes. 

"Nutrium has proven invaluable for quality improvement of neonatal nutrition in Sweden "

Magnus Domellöf, Professor, MD, PhD

A story of implementing The Nutrium Software

“The whole system did not actually cost us more money and we have healthier patients who can achieve better growth… if we calculate all our savings and expenses, we reach a net zero

Jiri Dusek, MD, Head of Department

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The Nutrium Software

Lead the way and enhance quality

Early nutrition has been identified as a key target for quality improvement, since it has been shown to reduce the risk of poor health outcomes such as impaired neurodevelopment and permanent blindness. 

Increase efficiency. Save resources.

Using digital support software has been shown to reduce the risk of prescription errors and is substantially more time-efficient in comparison with manual calculations.

Empower your team with a safe, accurate and time-effective solution for optimal nutrition and growth in your NICU.

A foundation for future success

The Nutrium Software allows you to generate your own data for short-term quality improvement and future research projects

The Nutrium software has proven to be a valuable tool for both clinicians and researchers by generating clean and accurate data, contributing to over 25 scientific articles already. The integrated export function makes it easy to convert data to Excel for further processing and evaluation.

Allows for both prospective and retrospective clinical research.

Grant your team optimal conditions

Having a holistic overview of nutrient intake and growth development over time is fundamental for making informative decisions on nutritional care and subsequently health outcomes.