Code of Conduct

Key Values

We continuously strive to minimize the risk of supporting companies conducting unethical or fraudulent activities. Developing and maintaining long-term business relationships is essential for us to create value and developing an attractive workplace. We aim to achieve this through our daily actions and by showing our customers, and any other stakeholder, that reliability, honesty and transparency are the key values underpinning good business ethics. This is the starting point of our aspiration to act exemplarily. 

Communicating Code of Conduct

It is therefore of great importance to communicate the code of business and having it as a natural part in cooperating with business partners as well as third parties.

Laws, regulations and international conventions

It goes without saying that Trients follows all known laws and international conventions, which means that we always respect and abide by the legislation and regulations that are relevant to our business. We therefore expect that all employees have an understanding of which laws and rules apply in their specific function or role.

Business relations

We are transparent in our communication with business partners and third parties, and expect our business partners and their suppliers to be so as well.  We live up to our commitments and respect any agreement we have entered. We expect our business partners to respect and resonate equivalent or similar values throughout their supply chain. We expect them to acct according to values that are in line with our code of conduct and the Human Rights.

Zero tolerance against bribery and corruption

At Trients, we only do business based on the merits of our products and services. We do not tolerate bribes or corruption and therefore do not offer or accept gifts or services of significant value to or from public officials and company representatives to influence decisions.

Open Competitiveness

Trients work competitively on the market to meet our customers’ needs and to create healthier communities. We do not enter into agreements to participate in activities that restrict competition. For example, we do not allow any form of anti-competitive behaviour such as price collusion, cartel formation or abuse of market dominance. We support correct and comprehensive competition in all parts of the business during offers, procurements and acquirements.

Conflicts of interest

A conflict of interest exists when someone’s private interest collides, or could collide, with Trients’ interests. We may not participate in activities that may lead to conflict of interest or be used for personal gain in relationships with business partners. This means that we do not give or receive personalized gifts or services at a value that exceeds a certain level or participate in free activities outside of normal business operations. We also do not accept or give any kind of promises that are associated with receiving gifts.

Trients as a company do not provide grants or donations to political organizations. Although the company does not take a political stance, employees are encouraged to actively take an interest in social issues and participate in current debates.

Counteracting money laundering

Trients comply with the laws that apply to prevent money laundering from occurring. Money laundering is a variety of arrangements for concealing criminal activity or presenting it as legitimate by making illegal money transactions seem legal.

Personal information

Trients collect and process personal information about consumers, employees and third parties only in accordance with applicable confidentiality laws and relevant regulations (such as GDPR in EU). Confidential information about employees is stored securely and may only, unless the law requires otherwise, be disclosed to authorized agents. Read more about collection and processing of personal information in our Privacy Policy.


To create an attractive workplace, it requires a healthy working environment and good leadership. Ethical and cultural diversity, and even gender and age distribution are also factors contributing to a successful culture within the organization. An inclusive attitude to everyone’s differences is essential for an effective, professional and healthy company as well as an important part of being able to recruit, develop and retain human resources. At Trients, all employees have the same opportunities, tights and obligations.


We can proudly state that we do not associate or cooperate with any organization of the pharmaceutical industry. No pharmaceutical company will have influence over our decisions. By our work, we strive to create value for babies, families and societies along with reducing inequalities in neonatal healthcare across borders. We firmly believe that it should not matter where one is born in order to access quality healthcare and that everybody deserves the best conditions for a long and healthy life. Making profits on ill patients is, for us, unethical and we do not want to be associated with such values. With our daily work we fight for the availability of great healthcare and for the “Convention on the Rights of the Child”; every infant and child has the right to good nutrition.

Credibility and transparency are our most treasured assets.

We owe it to our partners, who have placed their trust in us, to act in a fully democratic, independent and transparent manner, according to the highest standards of good governance.