The Nutrium Software

The complete solution for calculating enteral and parenteral nutrition

Achieve optimal growth and nutrition with Sweden's most popular NICU prescription software.

Start your next quality improvement step today

The Nutrium Software has all the tools and features you need for achieving optimal nutrition and growth at your NICU, combining both enteral and parenteral intakes for for high precision computation. Empower your team and level up nutrition and growth with Sweden’s most used interactive software for nutrition decision support.  

Tailored by healthcare professionals.
For healthcare professionals.

Individualized care, the future of healthcare

Kickstart your journey from standardized to individualized nutrition with the nutrition prescription software your whole team will love.

"A program that every pediatric dietician working with parenteral and/or enteral nutrition should have access to"
Wera Westin
"I have seen how well it works, so for me it is no question - this is the way to go"
Dr. Jiri Dusek
Medical Doctor
"Nutrium makes my daily work much easier. I have worked with different nutritional prescription programs, but never with one as well designed as Nutrium"
Dr. Dirk Wackernagel
Medical Doctor, PhD
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A story of implementing The Nutrium Software

"I cannot imagine how to proceed differently, if we are talking about evidence-based healthcare."
"We did not expect how much the Nutrium program would help us and what beneficial results it would bring."

Jiri Dusek, MD, Head of Department

Achieve better compliance to nutritional guidelines

"Nutrium has proven invaluable for quality improvement of neonatal nutrition in Sweden and is a great tool for inter-hospital, regional, national and international benchmarking."

Magnus Domellöf, Professor, MD, PhD